Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I don't have cute kids to post but this is the close thing that I have to a kid. My cute cat. i just really like this pic of her

A TAG sorry I am so boring

I am. . . Board

I think. . . that the goverment just needs to get there grubby little hands out of every ones bis

I know. . . that I can't spell

I want. . . a baby

I have. . . the best sisters in the world

I miss. . . my sisters and there familyes

I fear. . . that i will live in Utah for ever

I hear. . . nothing my job is boring right now

I smell . . . the cold

I crave . . . candy all the time

I cry . . . in the car sometimes and at night

I search. . . the web for somthing to do

I wonder. . .who will be presedant

I regret. . . not moving to hawaii

I wish. . . I had lasic

I love. . . My husband and my kitty

I care. . . about animals

I always. . . will be a dork

I worry. . . about my parents and there health

I am not. . . going to give up

I remember. . . living in CA on sweet grass cir

I believe. . . in love

I argue. . .

I write. . . a card here or there

I win. . . at

I lose. . . my will to fold laundry offton

I listen. . . to shawn hanity

I don't understand. . . why my sister live so far away from me

I can usually be found. . . at home or work(boaring)

I need. . . something new to happen

I forget. . .birhtdays all of the time

I am happy. . . .about honey crisp apples (they are the best)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 years! Can you believe it??

I can't belive it. 4 amazing years have come and gone. It still feels like yesterday that we got married. I remember it so well. I give Ryan a hard time and tell him that we should get married again because it was so much fun. That is thanks to all of our friends and family. It is amazing how much we have done and have gone through in the past 4 years. We bought a house our first year, bought a car and a truck, got the cutest kitty ever, been on lots of fun vacations(Hawaii, California, Phliadelphia, Brazil,and many other little trips her and there. All I know is that my life is so much better with Ryan than it was without. I say.. bring on the next 50-60 years. I love Ryan Palmer so much. It is wierd you think that you can love some one more that you already do. I remember thinking that on our wedding day. I love him so so so much more today then I did then that is just crazy.
So by request from older post you wanted to know how we met. Here it goes. When I lived in Sugar House in Salt Lake City 2003 I lived with 4 other girls in a house. One of my roommates (AUDRY) she had all of us go to the drive in on Redwood RD SLC. I had just thrown my back out for the first time ever and she insisted that I still go and take one of her loritabs. I had never had one before but it knocked me out. I was laying on the ground of the drive in with blankets all over me and the next thing I know is some guy in taking off my blanket and talking to me. Guess who RYAN. So later that night I had to go to the ladies room. He and some other friends helped me walk to the restroom. Supposedly I had given him a tap on the bum on our way there. The rest I don't remeber. The next day I got a phone call from him asking me out. And of course I complied. The rest is history. Thanks to (Audry) I found the love of my LIFE. I love you Ryan! Thanks for loving me and treating me like a princess every day. Happy Anniversary!