Sunday, August 30, 2009

To any one who is a MOM!!!!!!

This post is a tribute to any one who is a mom. This past week I was babysitting some of my friends at there home in Alpine with there 3 kids Sage (5) Brin (3) Teancome (1). I am not sure if I spelled there name right but o well. The kids were great. I think that I did not know really how much work and time out of you own life it takes to be a mom or full time care taker. Come day two I was feeling the stress come on. For me the hard part was how to fill all of the time with the kids. Making sure that they were safe, feed and entertained. I quickly discovered that there is no personal time. Trying to find time to even do my laundry was just crazy.
So now I have a new found respect for motherhood. I understand now why kids some times look like there hair was not brushed, because they wont let you, or they look like they have been wearing the same cloths for the past 3 day because they have, they wont let you dress them they have to dress them self. And when a kids is freaking out at the store and every one is giving you the LOOK that you should be doing some thing but there really is nothing that you can do. How important nap time is and if you are even 1 hr late what a difference it makes for the rest of you day I GET IT!!!!!!!!!! I have baby sat before but I have not baby sat 3 little kids under the age of 5 for a week so it was a new one for me. I am grateful for the experience. Also just a note to self don't loose the peoples dog while you are baby sitting not a good thing. Keep up all of the great work MOM's
Here are a few pic of the kids that I sat this last week. I was a lot of fun. I even got to go on a play date with some of my girlfriends that have kids. We went to a local farm.

This is Sages first day of school

Our play date with Booty and Carrie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makeup Job from July