Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wicked 09 with the Bennetts

I have fallen off of the blogging tree. So here I am getting back on. I have a lot to blog about so the first thing will be about my trip to San Francisco CA. I went to San Fran a few months ago to see Wicked with my sister in-law and her girls the Bennetts. I have you know that it was a blast. We few into Oakland and got right to our hotel and then had to take a shuttle down to the city. We then hopped onto a trolley to get to the show. O my gosh the show was a blast. If you have not seen Wicked yet I would highly recommend it. After that we went and got some great food by our hotel. The next day we went to church and drove out to a place called Bodaga Bay. Way beautiful. Took a lot of great pics and then headed home the next day. All in all it was such a fun trip. I love all of those girls so much. I feel lucky to have gone and spent that time with them. Love ya lots Bennetts. Can't wait for girls weekend 2010'