Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Palmer Family Ranch Branding 2008

I love watching my husband play golf

Last week for a date night I insisted that we go out to the driving range. It was such a beautiful day and I need to get outside. I am sorry about my gigle in the video I just can't help it when I watch Ryan golf. I think he looks like Happy Gilmore when he golfs because he has to try and hit it so hard. I call his stroke the WACK IT. He is so cute. Love you Hun.

Palmer Family Party at Backyard Adventres

Thursday, May 22, 2008

what makes me me

I love the color Purple
I think my cat it the cutes and she likes car rides
I hate when the tp is upside down
driving with the gas light on is bad don't do it
texting makes life easy
church is to long for me (3 long hrs) AAaaaaaa
I prefer water over any other drink
the tooth past needs to be pushed to the top of the tube
blue ink over black any day
I can't spell
I call my sisters every day
doing my hair sucks
dishes in the sink stress me out
same thing with dust
I need to see the name of all of my spices in my spice cupboard
my closet is color coordinated
popping zits rocks
slow drivers in the fast lane make me mad and then I feel like my dad
having the music loud in the car make me feel cool
I hate doing sight surveyes for work people never buy
when planning a shower(bridal or baby)and now one showes up I am Pissed
the smell of clorine makes me feel calm
when people are on the phone and don't click over it annoys me
Green gum over blue
Crest tooth past all the way
I snooze my alarm about 5 times before I wake up
Menthalatom is a must have for any time of the day
10:00 pm is my bedtime
my feet are a size 11
still bitting my nails to this day

Life is just weird

It has been some time sence I have bloged. Well I guess that I am just taking this time to do some jorunaling. With Mothers day just passing I want my mom and my sisters to know how much that I love them. I know that my family had to put up with a lot haveing me as a kid and a sisters. I know that I would not be where I am today if is was not for my family. It has been so hard for me latley. I have just been in such a funk and I am not sure way. I do know that one thing life is just to busy, and sometimes I don't have time to injoy it. I don't even have kids crazy ha. I am so missing my sister so much and there kids. I am lucky to have the Fosters close but I know that I don't see them as much as I would want to. I remember that I would spend every weekend of my Jr and Sr year of high school at Lisa and Richard house in Ocean side. I loved it. Knowing that I would get to play with Tyler and Kelsey when they were just little was the best. I would ofton clean out one of Lisa's closets for her, during the time that I would spend at her house on a weekend I miss that. She does not need me to clean out her closets any more :(
I guess that there is one thing that is the best thing ever. That would be my husband Ryan. He is know the one that has to put up with me. I am so greatfull for all that he does for me and Aurora. He is my best friend and I thank Heavely Father every day for him. Well I hope that every one has a great weekend. I love you all and be happy, for today we are alive!! That is a blessing.